The Secret to Avoiding Prospecting Fatigue



Losing steam from seemingly endless lead prospecting?

Prospecting is critical for generating business, but it can be totally monotonous! Especially when you’re trudging through a database of hundreds (or thousands) of leads, with the same script, call after call.


The secret to avoiding this burnout is simple. Smart Prospecting.

Here is how to implement a smart prospecting plan in 3 simple steps.

1. Sift Your Database

Implementing a method to the madness will streamline your process, saving you time and increasing your chances of successful conversations.


The way that you organize your leads depends on your technology. If you’re using a CRM, take advantage of their segment and tagging capabilities. If you are using a simpler platform (even just an excel spreadsheet), figure out how to manually tag your leads as you enter them, so you can sort and prioritize. The more information you have on your leads the better. Many agents sort by; price range, neighborhood, activity on your site, previous communication, etc.


smart prospecting

2. Make a Plan of Action

Now that you’ve appropriately segmented your database, you can quickly see your “hottest” leads. Start with them.


How many hours per week can you spend prospecting? Break it down into time blocks per day, so that you know, “from 2:00-3:00 every Monday, Wednesday, Friday I need to sit down and call these leads.”


You are more likely to get it done if it’s on your schedule!


Remember to keep detailed notes about each conversation. Track every single phone call, email and text. You’ll be glad you have these notes 6 months down the road when your “just browsing” leads are ready to buy!

3. Use Tools to Save Time

Speed up the tasks that you have to do manually (phone calls), and automate the rest (drip emails and texts).


Consider using a Dialer tool to speed up your cold-calling process. That means more leads called in a shorter time frame.


dialer real estate software


The best agents know that you should be preparing today for tomorrow’s leads. This is where drip campaigns come in. Implementing a “long game nurture plan” keeps your “lukewarm” leads engaged by sending personal emails (property listings, market updates, etc.), without you having to do the actual work. “Set it and forget it.”


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