The Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents On The Go

Calling all road warriors: we are channeling our inner Shannon King, and we’ve got some mission-critical apps for taking care of business when you’re out and about. Whether you’re in the car, waiting for a client or anywhere in between, these apps will keep you productive, efficient, and on top of it all.

Swap Your Crazy Inbox for Streamlined Field Notes

Situation: Sifting through that massive inbox and trying to find files, or action items is something that’s better left for the office. So when you’re not in the office important tasks can get sidelined.

Solution: When you’re combating inbox overload, it’s time for the Cloze app. After you set it up, it integrated with you email accounts (and your calendar, social media accounts, and Evernote) and starts creating handy dashboards. These dashboards include a daily agenda that aggregates your email inbox, contacts, calendars and to-do lists. It’ll even surface emails if they have mentions of specific follow-up activity you need to act on for a specific day. Not to mention it makes it a breeze to track related documents and files, and provides you with a clickable history of contact communication.

Maximizing Voicemail, Minimizing Effort

Situation: Have you ever needed to get in touch with a client, only have 3 minutes before your next appointment, and wished you could just leave them a message?

Solution: Well this is where Slydial comes into play. Simply dial 267-slydial, then after the prompt, dial your client’s phone number, and you’ll be directly sent to their voicemail. One, and, done! Now, you are able to make it to your appointment and your client receives the information they need in a timely manner.

Situation: And what about those tempting voicemails you would love to listen to, but the client you’re with might find it rude if you step away?

Solution: YouMail. A free app which offers a number of voicemail solutions. One of which transcribes your voicemails and texts them to your phone. You can then take a quick glance without taking significant attention away from the task at hand.


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Safe Travels: Driving and Responding to New Leads

Situation: It can be tempting to try and work while driving, but it’s critical to keep your safety in mind.

Solution: is an app that will read your text messages and emails aloud as you drive. Just activate the app as you enter your car then toggle the app off as you exit.

Situation:  Feel a little unsure about a property or a new client? You can never be too cautious when meeting new people or traveling somewhere alone.

Solution: MyForce  can act as your mobile bodyguard. If you ever feel uneasy about a location or situation you only need to arm the app to place it in ready mode. If you feel threatened, with a click of a button, you can alert MyForce of your location. They’ll instantly listen to the audio from your mobile device should you be in a situation where you can not speak with the operator. Because you’re pre-registered, emergency personnel are aware of your description, emergency contacts, and known medical issues.

Track and Manage Expenses with Ease

Situation: You try to remember to grab receipts and save them to sort through once you return to your desk (whenever that may be!), but you usually leave yourself with a confusing mess.

Solutions: Track your mileage with Milog, a mobile app that keeps a record of your mileage for reimbursement or tax purposes.  They make it super-simple to log your miles and sort out trips so there’s no more estimating and calculating (and losing money!).

As for those pesky receipts, use your phone to scan receipts and the Expensify app will code and report the expense for you. It also keeps tabs on your spending, making it easy to itemize deductions when tax time rolls around. One click tells the app to track business miles through the GPS technology or odometer readings, which automatically records them for any kind of deductions or reimbursements.


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Go the Extra Mile to Turn Leads Into Listings

Situation: Trying to convince a prospective client that you’d make a great listing Agent?

Solution: Why not offer a free floor plan sketch? With Magic Plan, a free mobile app, anyone can create a floor plan drawing within minutes! Magic Plan measures a floor plan from the pictures you take then converts them into a PDF, HPG and DXF drawing.

Situation: Once you’re the listing agent, you know how important great photos, and even more so a high-end presentation can be. But how do you achieve this on the go?

Solution: Use Animoto to create photo stream videos set to music that can be used on listing pages and social sites. Have some time on your hands while the inspector is around? Your clients will love the video of their new house that Animoto helps you create. Make sure you use a picture of your Agency sign so their friends will know who sold them the home when they share the video.

Mobilize your Entire Business for On-the-Go Success

Situation: task-oriented apps are super helpful, but what about making it easy to run your day from your phone?

Solution: A CRM app that can handle it all. BoomTown’s native CRM app was designed by agents for agents with all the tools and features you need to handle it all-from anywhere.

  • Keep your conversations going smoothly without dropping the ball
    • Critical First Hour categories help you know who needs your immediate attention. After the first hour, conversations are moved to the Waiting On You section. Easily look up communication history for all active conversations.
  • Push notifications alert you the instant a lead takes an action, so you’ll always know who to contact, when to reach out, and why.
  • Take immediate action with a tap of the finger. Call new leads right away or respond to existing leads the same way they reached out to you, whether by email, phone, or text.(mass texting too!)
  • Stay on top of your tasks so nothing falls through the cracks
    • Easily check off your to-do’s scheduled to be done today- click a name to go to the lead record and complete the task.
    • Need More Time? Hit snooze to postpone tasks for an hour, a day, or a week.
    • Past Due tasks provide a chance to catch up on unfinished tasks from the past seven days, and upcoming tasks provide a preview of what’s coming up for the next 7 days.
  • Easily manage everything. All actions, conversations, and response times are tracked and logged back in the main CRM to provide an accurate picture of accountability.

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