Stop Losing Seller Leads. Work Your Farm This Way

You’re better than a mass-mailed recipe. Don’t risk having your brand tossed into the recycling bin. Instead, be strategic.

  • Establish an area to farm
  • Market to those potential sellers
  • Add the leads you generate to your database
  • Track them over time.

 The first step is establishing an area to geographically farm  of course. Once you’ve locked down the right target area, it’s time for some targeted, compelling marketing.

Marketing to Your Geographic Farm

The important factor in marketing to a farm is creating a strong brand presence. That means you have to be all-in. Your strategy and subsequent collateral and messaging must be based on building relationships and being a source of knowledge. This is the most effective approach, but it takes time, investment, and most importantly, consistency.

So about that consistency…building your reputation means creating repeated positive interactions in your marketing efforts. Here are the basics:

  1. Keep your marketing consistent. Establishing a strong reputation takes repeated positive interaction in your geographic marketing.

  2. Position yourself as an expert. Make sure you have a solid grasp on hyper-local pricing trends, buyer demand, and can communicate these statistics effectively to your prospects. Your prospects want compelling stats on the market in their area and hyper-local “Sold stories”  with happy endings.

  3. Invest your time and money in relationship building. The community will return the favor..

  4. Budget appropriately. Marketing is a numbers game, you want exposure to get more leads, but only market to a number of homes that you can afford to

Now let’s dive into some of the most effective tactics for your marketing efforts. We’ll break them down into an offline approach (direct mail, networking, etc.) an online approach (targeted advertisements and an effective online presence), and bringing the two together for a holistic marketing campaign.


Lead Generation Real Estate Plan

Marketing to Your Geographic Farm: Direct Mail, Events & Interactions

Direct mail:

The buying and selling game has largely moved online, but mailings and postcards like “just listed” and “sold” cards are still an effective way to supplement your digital marketing efforts. Remember that consistency is key, both in your branding and your outreach. Mailing to too many homes, or too frequently will keep your costs high, but if you’re careful to target your outreach appropriately and create a plan around frequency (ex. one piece every 3 weeks), you should be fine.  


Personal contact will always be a great way to attract new business and build relationships. Attending community events, hosting open houses and personally inviting neighbors to attend are great ways to meet prospective clients and start conversations.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Marketing to Your Geographic Farm: Digital Marketing & Advertising

The internet is arguably the most powerful marketing tool today, so leverage this effectively. Take the proven tactics you’re probably already using to market to your targeted geographic farms offline, and apply them to your digital efforts:

  • Identify homeowners
  • Collect addresses
  • Build a database of prospects you can continuously market/prospect to

Build and Effective Online Presence:

This is the welcome mat for your brand and the first step to generating online seller leads. Keep careful control of your online footprint to ensure the branded experience communicates value and the perception you’d like to establish about your business.


To identify seller leads online and collect their addresses, an effective strategy is to employ a home valuation page. The promise of a free estimate and market report are easy ways to find new seller leads and are perfect conversation starters.


Create Compelling Geo-Targeted Ads:

Potential sellers are performing searches based on their specific geographic neighborhood. This is a huge opportunity for you to gain exposure and reach them with digital ads that show your brand, value, and expertise in that neighborhood. These folks want to do business with the real estate agent who appears to be the specialist in their area, so it’s key to stay visible.

  • Reach out directly to the homeowners in your area of focus with geographically targeted ads
  • Use your ads to drive prospects back to you seller conversion page, or home valuation page
  • Entice prospects to register for an estimate and market report
  • Collect their property details and contact information


Maintain Relationships with Marketing Automation

Now that you’re targeting the right type of leads with ads and sending them to register their information on your home valuation page, it’s crucial to keep up with your contacts and nurture the relationships. Having a system to keep your clients organized makes this process worry-free.

For example, with BoomTown, leads who register on the home valuation page are automatically logged in the back-end of the system. (Even if they only enter an address, the system has a simple reverse-lookup tool to instantly populate the missing information.) A seller dashboard lets you organize leads and even quickly create a CMA with direct links to Realtors Property Resource (RPR), simply by clicking on the lead’s address.

To stay top-of-mind with potential sellers who aren’t ready to make the move yet, it’s simple, with the right system, to set them up on a drip campaign that keeps them informed on neighborhood stats, market trends, and the price of homes that sell nearby. This type of communication keeps your farming consistent, automated and effective. You’ll know just what to send and how to send it.

Lead Generation Plan

Marketing to Your Geographic Farm with Offline and Online Strategies

A single campaign that blends your online and offline marketing efforts is often the most effective. Prospects have a physical introduction to your brand along with a tailored and convenient digital experience. Your offline efforts can be a nice complement to your online marketing. For example, include links to your home valuation page on your postcards and consistently drive traffic from the local neighborhood to it.  It’s all about looking at your chosen geographic area, building your subscriber base, and continuing to create opportunities.



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