OL buyer story: Tiffanie & Brett

From renters for life to SoCal homeowners

OL buyer story: Tiffanie & Brett

When Malibu, CA-based blogger and Mom Tiffanie Anne and her soon-to-be husband Brett started looking for a new place for them and their 1.5 year old daughter, Tenley, the idea of buying a home in Southern California seemed completely out of the picture.

As her apartment hunt grew fiercer — finding a 2 bedroom apartment in the Calabasas / Malibu / Agoura Hills neighborhood area for under $2,400 is no small feat — Tiffanie would religiously check the 5 apartment and real estate apps she had on her phone.

But, it wasn’t until she stumbled across an Open Listings ad on Facebook, found out about our commission refund of up to 50%, and used the “What It’ll Cost” calculator that she realized home ownership would even be a possibility.

OL buyer story: Tiffanie & Brett

A personalized look at our “What It’ll Cost” calculator

After taking a look at their finances, Tiffanie and Brett realized that they could use the savings they had initially earmarked for their wedding (they decided to elope instead) and opt to buy their first home instead of rent.

We’re excited to announce that as a part of an ongoing partnership with OL, Tiffanie is documenting every step of her homebuying process.

OL buyer story: Tiffanie & Brett

Tenley & Tiffanie on their house hunt

Follow along on her blog for a real look at what it’s like to be a first-time homebuyer in a competitive market like Southern California while using Open Listings.

The posts:

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  • Let’s Move! …But Where in California?
  • House #1? House #2? Which one?!
  • The Winner Is…
  • Open Listings to the Rescue!

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