Keep Prospects Engaged (Even While You’re on Vacation) with Smart Drip

It’s officially summertime! Let the trips to the beach, cookouts, and “cutting out early” on Fridays begin. You work hard, and you absolutely deserve a little time off to enjoy with friends and family. But we all know business never sleeps, right? What if you could drum up some prospects while sipping a cocktail poolside – without even lifting a finger?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Meet your new best friend, Smart Prospecting.
The beauty of drip marketing campaigns is the automation. Set it and forget it. You are engaging leads, with timely and relevant content, and you don’t have to do the actual grunt work until they’re ready to talk! Drip campaigns are one of the most popular features in many online marketing platforms. They allow you to create, schedule, and track email marketing campaigns initiated from an event trigger (like filling out an online form).


BoomTown’s Smart Drip, is a step above the rest, with more personalization and optimized timing – boosting open and response rates, and streamlining your process. Event triggers are settings that will prompt the system to automatically pause the plan when certain actions take place. With event triggers you can choose to have the plan pause when a lead replies to an email or sends an email. This means no more embarrassing out-of-context emails, once they’ve reached out. You can also choose to pause the plan when a call is logged in the system, or when a lead changes categories. Essentially, this is the “smart” in Smart Drip. The campaigns are designed to sound and feel like organic person-to-person email communication. So your prospects won’t even know it’s a bulk email.

Boost Your Response Rates with Texting

We are firm believers in the power of texting. So we added texting capabilities into our Smart Drip campaigns! This is still entirely automated. So, you personalize your campaigns in the BoomTown CRM, and your texts and emails will be sent through the system. Again, you just hop back in when they respond and are ready to talk! Texting is so effective, in fact, that when our clients added texting into their drip campaigns, they saw a 450% increase in responses!

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