Increase Your Lead Responses with Automated Texting

Pretty good, right? Automated texting could very well be the secret weapon for skyrocketing your business. You can generate new leads until the cows come home, but at the end of the day those leads are only as valuable as your conversion rate.



What is automated text, and why is it so successful?

Automated texting, through BoomTown’s Smart Drip, allows you to plug a lead into a campaign, which automates seemingly personalized messages from the agent. You can keep thousands of leads engaged with thoughtful, relevant touches, without lifting a finger. Automate the grunt work, and then you jump in when leads are ready to talk.


BoomTown’s expert features improve response rates in a few different ways. (This is where the “smart” comes in.) Smart-Drip detects the time a lead normally frequents the website and schedules drip texts to correspond with their search habits. It also keeps track of the time of day that’s likely to generate the most responses. Once an agent has communicated with a lead, it will automatically pause the campaign, so you never have to worry about repeat messages.


Automated Text Response Rate Conversions

What do I say in a text?

Rules of Thumb

  • Texts can be slightly more informal than email, but stay professional.
  • Keep it short and sweet! The point of a text is brevity.
  • The general consensus is that Emojis are ok to use! Just keep them relevant and don’t go overboard.
  • Personalize your text with a {FirstName} tag

New Text


Qualifying Text


Qualifying Text (Best response rate!)


So, should I ditch email and phone calls? Definitely not. The ideal drip campaign will include all three forms of communication to cover your bases. Adding in automated texts improves your chances of a response and a conversion.


smart drip crm

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