Here’s How to Get it All Done this Spring Season

The stage has been set for a competitive spring season in most markets. In the whirlwind of these busy times, it might start to feel like you’re stuck putting out fires left and right and tending to the squeakiest wheels without focusing on a strategy or engaging a holistic approach to managing your business. Don’t let the overwhelm get you. And don’t get bogged down in admin tasks and marketing campaigns that could be put on auto-pilot. Here are the best ways to stay organized, keep on top your prospects, and leverage the right tools to do the heavy-lifting.

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Have a Smart System for Lead Organization

Segmenting and categorizing your leads (making your monster-of-a-database manageable) will help you sort your leads quickly and allow you to target specific groups for your marketing efforts.

This will save you SO much time this spring, and make your marketing much more effective.

Start by creating categories to bucket your leads in based on similar situations:

  • hot buyer
  • long-term buyer
  • unqualified, etc.

This lets you sift and sort your contacts with ease, and put groups of prospects on automated campaigns to keep them engaged.

Brandon Brittingham of Long & Foster, says that using technology to segment his database was a game changer:

“You can take 1500 leads and scale it down to 10 based on the segmenting. And that’s made our conversion rate go up significantly. It’s made our efficiency go up significantly. And I mean just the power of segmenting. What we can do with that– it’s crazy to me the amount of information that you can drill down to be so specific, which in the long run will create better conversion. But also that turns you into a full CRM. It kind of turns you into having knowledge of the consumer almost on an intimate basis before you even talk to them. Again, I think that’s an absolute game changer. And pairing that with the drip campaigns and custom drip campaigns. You can create a dataset and market specifically to them through segmenting”

In BoomTown’s system, you can leverage custom tagging to help you drill down even further into specific demographics. These tags are based on the type of response you’ve received from a lead, and should focus on answering “where/who” a lead is, and not just “what they want. Game changer!

When you apply the right categories and tags to your leads, your database becomes infinitely more manageable. You gain insight into what is happening with your leads, how your clients are being serviced, and who is getting things done. You can also quickly communicate with large, similar groups of leads, and automate your marketing efforts for those that are further out in the process. Hello, auto-pilot!

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Revisit (or Create!) Your Drip Plans

Now that you have all leads segmented with clear categories and helpful tags, each specific group should be on a drip campaign. (Automated email or text messaging marketing plan). When your database is powered by a predictive CRM, and you’ve organized your leads appropriately, you can create follow-up plans that are also automatically triggered based on lead behavior.

Create campaigns that are relevant to different segments of your audience like:

  • a neighborhood update for those searching in the same area
  • comps and market updates for your seller leads
  • emails to help generate referrals from past clients
  • birthday and anniversary check-ins

Customizable templates in a real estate CRM allow you to tailor emails and text messages with a lead’s information and create a message to address their needs and keep them engaged.

If a new lead registers on a BoomTown site and designates a price range of neighborhood of interest, they will automatically be set up to receive e-Alerts and receive notifications on your behalf alerting them to properties that come up and are relevant to their search.

BoomTown’s CRM also powers automated text messaging. This powerful feature has show a 450% increase in responses from leads. Yep, that’s what happens when you combine the power of automated marketing with the responsiveness of texting.

drip text messaging

Not only is this taking the work off of your plate, but since your CRM is tracking every action, you’ll easily understand how a lead’s search is progressing and what level of engagement they’re showing.

Lead Generation Plan

Get the Tools to Manage Leads On-the-Go

When you’re out in the field and on the go, to-do lists are often out the window and your work style shifts to “on the fly.” This is a recipe for things slipping through the cracks, so take advantage of that powerful smartphone. Leverage scheduling features and reminders, or better yet, a mobile crm app.

BoomTown’s mobile app has the tools to help you work your leads from anywhere, and prioritize your workload in the field. Here’s what you should look for in a mobile app:

  • Alerts and reply options to Increase your responsiveness
    • BoomTown has a “Critical First Hour” tab to let you know who needs your immediate attention. Once the first hour has passed on these leads, they are moved to a “Waiting on You” section. This makes it simple to scroll through the list when you’re out in the field, pull up the communication history on any lead, and take immediate action with the tap of the finger.
    •  You can quickly call, text, or email leads based on the way they reached out to you, so you’re guaranteed to follow their preferred method of communication and deliver an amazing experience.
  • Prioritized tasks to keep you productive.
    • The BoomTown app is also designed with a To-Dos feature that allows you to schedule tasks and reminders, hit snooze, and mark as completed with a simple swipe. If you’re scrambling for more information, all lead names link to their unique and informative record so you can get up to speed in a snap.
  • Predictive Insights to Eliminate the Guesswork
    • When smart, actionable insights are available from your phone, you can take action whenever you have a moment, wherever you are. Look for technology that provides push notifications, or real-time alerts so you know immediately what’s happening with the most active leads on your website who are likely to initiate or re-engage in conversation.

If you don’t have the tech options you need, try to carve out time each evening to get your tasks noted in your phone so you can have access to any notes and to-dos when you’re out and about, and can start working through your list when you have a free moment. It might be worth including your daily and weekly goals and worksheets in a google doc on your phone too.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Find the Right Technology Partner

Competition moves quickly. If you are not thinking about how to structure and leverage your database for multi-channel marketing, it will become steadily more difficult to compete in the future. BoomTown takes all the pieces and elements into consideration in every feature of our system.

Just as people will partner with real estate professionals to help them buy or sell a home, partnering with BoomTown is a smart move to help you navigate real estate marketing and grow your business.

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