Creating Standout Content in a Noisy Market

There is a lot (really, A LOT) of content out there. It’s easy to feel like there’s no point in trying to be heard or seen. But, trust us, sharing content and speaking to your clients can be super valuable for your brand. You may already be sharing on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), and a blog on your website, and that’s great! But what sort of content should you be sharing?


Your Opinion Matters!

Be yourself and share your honest opinion. This guarantees that your content will be original, and it will set you apart from other agents and other industry news channels. Don’t try to tackle top-level shifts in the market or nationwide trends! There are huge companies that already do this, and this isn’t your expertise. Focus on your market and what you know best. If you are working on a specific neighborhood as your farm area, that means you are the expert!

Stick to the (Boring) Basics

It may feel boring writing a post entitled, “What rising interest rates in West Hanover mean for local home values.” But these are the things that homebuyers are looking for! Every once in a while it can be fun to throw in a cheeky holiday-themed article, or share some personal content, but at the end of the day all that matters is that you are a trusted and reliable source with useful information about a specific neighborhood.

Boost Engagement with Video

As we already mentioned, this isn’t the “sexiest” of content. Get a little engagement boost by switching up how you package your content. We highly recommend using video, especially if you are trying to engage prospects on social media. If you’re using BoomTown’s CRM, it’s even easier to quickly post a video or share a video through email, because the CRM is integrated with BombBomb, a tool for simple visual marketing.


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