How Top Agents Are Using Video Emails to Convert Real Estate Leads

With so much of our day-to-day business moving to digital interfaces, your prospects are being inundated with communications, and you’re looking for new ways to stand out. You’ve probably leveraged video in your marketing at some point, but now, more than ever, it’s a critical tool to deliver some much needed “face time,”  humanize your marketing message and really connect with your prospects.


Adding video to your emails can seriously boost your results too. According to BombBomb, the industry’s leading video platform, have some compelling stats on agents who incorporate videos into their marketing:


81% get more replies
68% convert more leads
56% report more referrals


In the BoomTown CRM, BombBomb’s video email technology is seamlessly integrated so users can create video campaigns, add videos to drip plans, and use the tool to build trust, convert leads, and get referrals by getting “face-to-face” more often.


There’s more than just email messages though. We talked to two of our video veteran clients and gathered their must-have video strategies to add a (safe and virtual) personal touch in this new normal


Offer a Variety of Video Content


Kyle Whissel, of Whissel Realty in San Diego, California, is no rookie when it comes to real estate video marketing. He was even named BombBomb’s #1 Video Influencer. Don’t get stuck in a rut of video content. It doesn’t have to be limited to staring into a camera and talking through your listings. Kyle likes to work with a variety of video content, covering everything from market reports, educational content, and thorough listing videos, to less sales-y topics like local events and engaging community videos. This makes for some serious impact and reach.


Here’s a snapshot of Kyle’s video stats to-date:


• 600+ YouTube videos
• 338K+ YouTube views
• 3.6K+ Subscribers

Deliver branded real estate videos for consistency and engagement


From your company colors and logo, to your team culture and individual personality, it’s important to highlight these key differentiators so your viewers recognize your style, service, and value. Kyle has a high-energy style, and appears in nearly every video. That’s some serious face-time! Viewers feel like they know him, they laugh and learn with him, and they build a relationship with him without ever actually meeting him in-person.


Some of his most popular videos are from his “Community Series.” This is one of his branded video series that is tailored to his community, highlighting neighborhoods, events and happenings that people want to know about. It keeps viewers connected, and it highlights his expert, neighborly know-how.


It’s also a prospecting gold mine. And, with its own hashtag, it’s easy for prospects and potential buyers and sellers to follow along and join in on the conversation.


Kyle also has a live show/podcast every Wednesday (#WhisselWednesdays) that are educational in their approach. For example, he offered a tour of smart home technology and walked viewers through the latest bells and whistles in the “connected home.” These helpful, general interest pieces are wonderful for building up an audience (read: database) and keeping them engaged with helpful and interesting content.

Liven up data and market updates with personal real estate video emails


His video marketing emails through BombBomb are usually simple, quick shots of him updating prospects on the housing market, sharing his own personal insights, and leveraging valuable information to connect with buyers, sellers, and past clients in a more personal way. (He’s recorded and sent over 100 video emails through BombBomb!).

Get the whole team involved in real estate videos


Ann Rudd, of the Ann Rudd Group in Charlotte, NC gets her whole team in on the fun. Even when team members get nervous at putting themselves on screen. It can nerve-wracking to put yourself out there at first, but Ann has some advice:


“Just screw it and do it.”


So far it’s worked to motivate the team. They regularly incorporate video messages into their email campaigns. It’s a fresher way to present information and really drums up rapport between agents and prospects with the face-to-face experience so many of us are lacking right now.


Here are some of their tips to get the best results:

  • Don’t Shoot Vertically – We live in a widescreen world — from laptops to social media sites — so turn your smartphone on its side and start filming.
  • Leverage Good Lighting — The wrong light can cast shadows on your face. If the lighting in your office isn’t great, try facing a window and use the sun to gather some natural light.
  • Speak with Energy — People naturally respond more when the person talking is enthusiastic. The emotion is contagious, in a sense.
  • Minimize the “Ums” — Whenever we pause and think about something we say, “Um….” or “Uh…” or even “You know…” Eliminating this filler text as much as possible will make your video go smoother (and not cause disruption in the viewer’s mind).
  • Film for a Headshot — Viewers don’t need to see all of you. But you also shouldn’t get too close to the camera.  Angle the shot to show a little bit of your upper torso and your face.

Deliver a personal touch with quick, custom real estate video emails for prospects


Ann also encourages the team to create quick and easy video messages that are tailored to specific people and groups. It takes that personal face-to-fact approach even further. After a few sends, her team even finds these quick video messages simpler than drafting and proofing a lengthy email message. Not to mention it’s a more personal experience that they their prospects and clients can still digest on their own time. A win-win for the consumer experience.


Ann had an online lead come in this week in her typical price range. They began a text conversation, and set a phone appointment for later on. “I ended the conversation by asking them what type of information they’d like me to gather. Once I had the info, I sent them a BombBomb video through BoomTown that answered all their questions.”

Track and measure your real estate video engagement, tweak where needed

When video messages are integrated with your CRM, there’s no guesswork when it comes to tracking follow up and engagement. Ann saw that her prospect viewed her video 35 times. (We think this story will probably end happily.) The team monitors video performance and plans their marketing accordingly.



Just starting a video marketing strategy?

  • Try different topics and content forms and track their performance religiously
  • See what types of videos are resonating with prospects (and do more of that!) and keep an eye out for things that may not be working well with your team or your particular market
  • Once you find a sweet spot, leverage branding and consistency (a hashtag, a dedicated day/time, appearance in a newsletter, etc.) to build your following

Leverage your CRM to integrate your real estate video emails


The right technology and marketing tools make creating new content and seeing what works a breeze. Make sure you have tools that let you leverage videos in your email marketing campaigns, drip plans, and bulk emails.  With BoomTown’s BombBomb integration, you can even record a new video directly from the CRM that can be used in any way you choose (drop it in an email, text from the mobile app, share on social media, etc.). And most importantly, the data is housed in one system, served up in clear reports, so you can make better decisions based on real insights. Cheers to more virtual tools that help connect us, and putting a face to your brand.


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Caitlyn Mulligan // RE/MAX Revolution

Getting Time Back, with Tech

Caitlyn Mulligan, Team Leader of RE/MAX Revolution, values one thing above all else: time.
She knows that all too often in real estate, agents get swept up into the chaos and end up spinning their wheels without making much progress. It’s why there’s such a high turnover rate for new agents. And after overcoming a major health event in her personal life, she gained even more clarity and determination to build a business that would allow her to live the life she wants (and deserves).

But she is determined to accomplish 2 things.
(1) Be financially successful.
(2) Have time to enjoy her life.

And she’s balancing it all with BoomTown.

Dollar Productivity

You hear a lot about productivity, but what does it mean to be “dollar productive?” It means focusing on activities that are the best for your bottom line. By focusing on the dollar productive activities, you can avoid spending time on things that don’t bring much value to you or your business and instead invest your time and effort where it is needed most.

“My routine has totally changed. I actually have MORE time to myself because I’m not doing the tedious tasks.”

Caitlyn didn’t get into real estate to send email alerts or hand-build marketing campaigns from scratch. She got into real estate because she wanted to help people find their dream home.
“Caitlyn Mulligan understands that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience.”
So, she sought out the technology that would allow her to focus on just that.

Operation Delegate & Automate

With BoomTown, Caitlyn was able to automate:
• eAlerts, sending properties to leads based on their search criteria
• Long-term lead nurture through Smart Drip Campaigns
• Pipeline management
• Lead qualification & concierge services with Success Assurance

Powerful Database of Leads + Easy-to-Use CRM


In real estate, agents and brokers often plateau a few years in. At that point, what separates the average agents from the top producers is building a framework for your business that allows you to passively generate, qualify, and nurture leads. As your database grows, the pool of leads that have been nurtured over time grows as well.
The consistent pipeline becomes the gift that keeps on giving.

For Caitlyn, having a database of organized leads is something she can’t live without.

“I’m generating new business and I can easily reach everyone in my database. It’s all on my phone – the instant someone registers.”

Predictive lead insights are what make conversions skyrocket and keep agents productive. Don’t know the next step? Don’t worry, BoomTown does. The system will tell you exactly where to focus, what leads are hot right now, and exactly when to reach out.
Or, better yet, BoomTown’s lead concierge service will reach out for you, 24/7, in as little as 90 seconds. This assures that your leads are being engaged as soon as possible while allowing you to focus on other, more pressing tasks. (Remember when we mentioned dollar productivity?)
Visibility into lead activity is what really changed the game for Caitlyn.

“I love how I can see where my clients are looking and where they continue to look. I can see how many times they’re looking at a property, which helps me gauge their interest or home styles.”

Beyond the lead generation and automation tools, Caitlyn appreciates the ease-of-use with BoomTown. After trying another, she experienced first-hand the stark contrast between the 12+ years of innovation behind BoomTown and other solutions that simply don’t compete.

“The other system? I hated it. I won’t put my clients into it. The user face isn’t as easy and I can’t see where my leads are looking! I love my BoomTown features.”

Weighing the Value

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting value out of your system. Caitlyn wants to accomplish 2 things in real estate: be financially successful and have time to enjoy her life.

Looking for a new real estate technology partner? Follow Caitlyn’s lead and don’t settle for less than the best.
• Consumer-facing websites designed to attract and convert leads
• Full-circle pipeline management
• Expert lead generation
• Lead qualification and concierge services
• Predictive CRM
• Success management and legendary support services
• An ecosystem of integration partners

“If you’re on the fence about BoomTown… do it. Don’t let the cost scare you. It will 100% pay off if you use it!”

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The Summer Market is Heating Up. Here’s What Sellers Need to Know!

Guest Post by Keeping Current Matters

There’s no sugarcoating it. The last couple of months have been hard. What was set to be one of the busiest spring markets in your career changed in an instant when the country was forced to hit the pause button.
But we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Slowly but surely, life (and business) is returning to some level of normal.
There is, however, one big piece of the market that’s still playing catch up. The sellers that were ready to list back in March are holding off, putting extra pressure on an already stressed inventory situation.
The good news is: the summer market is heating up, buyer traffic is increasing, and mortgage rates are at historic lows. Your clients need to know that they could be missing out on the real estate opportunity of a lifetime.
Here are some points that can help them feel confident to sell their home this summer.

56% of homes sold in April 2020 were on the market for a month or less-NAR


The combination of low inventory and high buyer demand is creating an environment where homes are flying off the market. This is also a good indicator that while certain parts of the economy remain frozen, real estate is not one of them, and the pandemic has not slowed eager buyers from acting.

What this means for your clients

With inventory even lower now than it was before, houses that come to market standout and move fast. Sellers can anticipate a relatively quick and painless home selling experience, especially in the entry to the mid-level range where demand is highest.

The best way to communicate it

Sharing posts on social media that cover important insights like this are a great way to keep your followers informed while delivering information that helps them make the best decision for their real estate plans.
We’ve put together some great options for you to start with based on the information in this blog. You can download the free social graphics here.


Zillow recently reported a 5.9% week-over-week rise in homes being listed for sale

At the peak of the pandemic panic, most real estate markets across the country saw little to no new homes being listed for sale. But with economies slowly beginning to open back up, sellers are starting to resume their moving plans.

What this means for clients

More Americans are feeling confident that the real estate industry is strong and relatively unaffected by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Coupled with strong buyer demand, those choosing to sell right now are in a great position to sell quickly and for a good price.

The best way to communicate it

Now more than ever, creating a weekly market update video that you share with your sphere is a great way to educate them on what’s happening with real estate in your area. This can be a simple video that covers the big topics like mortgage rates, what homes are selling for, and how long they’re staying on the market.
Not sure how to get started? We made a short video of Quick Tips for Producing Effective Videos Using Your Phone to help you start making your own!
If you’re looking for some more pointers on how to create great real estate videos, check out this free eGuide: 5 Keys to Start Creating Real Estate Videos Today. Download it here.

NAR recently reported that buyer demand is strong or stable in all 50 states

Before the pandemic, the 2020 real estate market was supposed to be one of, if not the, biggest millennial homebuying years. And new NAR data suggests that strong buyer demand has continued in almost all 50 states despite the pandemic.

What this means for clients

The combination of strong buyer demand and low home supply will continue to drive a very competitive real estate market with sellers in the driver seat.

The best way to communicate it

During a listing presentation, make sure that you’re highlighting important national and local market insights that help sellers take a pulse of the market. Be honest, transparent, and current, so you earn their respect as a trusted real estate professional.
In this template, we paired standard listing presentation slides with ones packed with important market insights. You can download the free Perfect Listing Presentation here.

Bottom Line

While the world hit a giant pause button on most parts of the economy, real estate remained active across most parts of the country.
But sellers are still hesitant to move forward. This makes it even more important that you’re delivering the right information in the right way to keep them informed and earn their trust.
From social media graphics and videos to listing presentations, there are many different ways to build up confidence in today’s market. KCM makes it easy to make sure you’re regularly delivering the latest market insights through social media, video, blogs and more. Start a 14-day free trial and share great content today.

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Lost Sales Leads: Common Problems and How to Correct Them

Guest Post by Agent Advice

In the digital age of real estate sales, the process of successfully converting prospects to leads and closed business has become a fine art. No matter how refined a process becomes, losing a lead is inevitable.
This article aims to discuss some common problems that may lead to sales loss and how you can correct them. We’ll be doing a deep-dive into the world of real estate lead generation best practices and how to help ensure a lead is not lost after you generate it. Although we’ll dive in specifically to boosting conversion within the real estate industry here, the concepts explored in this article can be used for sales leads in any industry.

Lack of Presence on Social Media

Think about your favorite brands. Regardless of industry, you’ll notice that some of the best brands have clear, concise, and dedicated social media strategies. According to Hootsuite, there are approximately 3.2 billion (42%) social media users across the globe; Clients today expect a sophisticated social media presence. If your online presence is unprofessional or weak, it certainly won’t build credibility with buyers, and you may even lose the lead before you have a chance to introduce yourself.
Having a social media presence is excellent, but unless you’re able to come up with a precise and measurable plan of action, there’s a strong likelihood of getting lost in the noise. We suggest real estate agents follow these five best practices to grow your social media presence and keep your business organized:

1. Identify the social channels you want a presence on (master a few as opposed to delving into many)
2. Develop a social media calendar to organize your social strategy
3. Follow the 4:1:1 rule, depending on the platform
4. Add your social media channels to all marketing material (online and offline)
5. Encourage your clients to interact with you on social to build a powerful, core audience
6. Respond to all sales inquiries through social promptly

Calls-to-Action That Lead to Nothing

We’re seeing a lot of real estate agents take their business online with stunning websites. However, even the most beautiful websites can have a low conversion rate if the calls to action (CTA) are not working as they’re supposed to.
Whether you’re an accomplished Realtor or someone new to the field, it’s essential to capture all potential prospects into sales leads. Here are some common CTAs that we see advertised through real estate marketing websites and collateral:
•Contact Us
•Call Button
•Free Home Evaluation
•Free List of Homes Under $$$,$$$

One of the toughest aspects of real estate marketing is getting a customer to become aware of your brand and to visit your website. That’s why it’s important to optimize to ensure that you are converting as many visitors into sales leads as possible. One way to turn a potential sale off is to have CTAs that don’t lead anywhere.
For example, your “Contact Us” button leads to a 401 error, your “Free List of Homes Under $$$,$$$” offering yields nothing. Empty offers and CTAs such as these are sure to sour any prospect, so ensure that you have your bases covered by testing your website often to ensure it’s functioning as needed.
Go through your online presence (website, emails, etc.) with a fine-toothed comb and intentionally look for problems – you may save yourself a lead!

Not Implementing Face-to-Face Interactions

Although we’re living in an age consumed by digital media, face-to-face interactions are still crucial to closing a sales lead. There’s nothing better when it comes to rapport building than face-to-face interaction. It provides an added sense of personalization and allows agents to understand their clients and their needs on a personal level.

According to the Harvard Business Review, face-to-face requests are 34 times more successful than ones sent via email.


Ignoring Customer Expectations

There’s an old saying that is as true as any in the world of real estate sales, “Underpromise and overdeliver.” Signing a client on to work with you is just the beginning of what one hopes is a long-term business relationship.
You’ve proven to them that you’re capable of delivering results, now it’s time to achieve them. But what happens when you have promised them the world and set them up with unrealistic expectations? In most cases, it will yield negative sentiment on the client’s behalf, and they’ll share that negative experience with their inner circle as well, you don’t want that.
The best way to avoid this experience is to sit down with your client and have an open discussion with them in regards to their expectations. Not only does communication help create a more productive workplace, but it also helps build more sustainable client-realtor relationships. If you feel as though they’re unreasonable, be open, and communicate that before proceeding. It’s important to get the lay of the land when working with a client to ensure that they’re satisfied with your service and retain you as their agent for life.

Not Networking

Networking is a critical part of real estate sales leads generation strategy. You can be the most efficient, results-oriented agent in the nation, but if you’re not putting yourself out there and speaking with other agents and clients, you’re doing yourself a disservice.
Sales leads can be generated anywhere, and at any time, so it’s necessary to keep the following points in mind:

• Always have a business card on you, you never know when a lead will present itself.
• Build a network of tradespeople who you refer contracting leads to, and in return, they will refer real estate leads back to you.
• Do not make all conversations about you and your business, read the room and if the conversation doesn’t warrant bringing up your job, don’t. Building relationships is more important than dominating the conversation.
• Give your clients a Holiday gift. It’s an opportunity to get in front of them at the end of the year and get an update on their needs without being too sale-oriented.


Not Updating Your CRM

CRMs have been a game-changer for the real estate industry. By utilizing a CRM, you’re able to effectively manage the entire client journey from prospecting to post-sales all in one centralized dashboard.
Now, more than ever, businesses need a solid CRM to run successfully (especially in real estate). It gives you a look at what lead generating tools are most useful, what are the biggest reasons that you’re losing sales leads, and best of all, it houses all prospect and client information in one area to keep you organized and focused on what you do best, closing deals. If you haven’t done so already, check out this list of the best real estate CRMs.

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