CRM Strategies Top Real Estate Teams Leverage

Like any powerful tool, a CRM is only as good as the person using it. It doesn’t matter how many hundreds or thousands of capabilities the CRM has, if the user doesn’t know what they’re doing – it’s about as useful as a phone with no battery.


Think about your CRM for a minute. Technology (especially robust platforms like CRMs) can feel overwhelming. So first let’s take a step back. Before we tackle some top strategies, consider these questions:

  • Do you understand the full capabilities of your CRM?
  • How much training have you/your team had with the CRM?
  • What are your frustrations with it?
  • Are there things you wish it could do that it doesn’t do?
  • In what ways does it make your day easier? More difficult?

Make Sure You’re in the Right Relationship

Ideally this research will happen before you make a commitment with a CRM, but even if you’ve already invested time and energy into your CRM, you want to make sure it is the right one for you and your business. This takes more than just a Google search. Online comparative research is a good place to start, but we encourage taking it a few steps further. Here are a few ways to really get to know your CRM and discover if you’re a good match.

  • Demo as much as possible.
  • Make a list of features that are (1) essential, (2) nice-to-have, and (3) nonessential.
  • Establish a budget. Remember that a CRM is an investment, and if used properly the ROI is worth it.
  • Try to find customers of different platforms (through forums or networking), and ask them about their experience. What are their pain points? What do they like/dislike.

Take Advantage of Training

Aside from being on the right system for your business, this is perhaps the #1 most important strategy for getting the most out of your CRM. Do not underestimate the value of being well-trained! You can buy the most expensive, top-of-the-line tools, but if you don’t know how to use them, they’re a waste of your time.
What sort of training is offered from your CRM provider? Start there. Maybe they offer on-site training at their headquarters, or in-house training at your office. They might offer webinars, a virtual training series, or one-on-one phone calls. Take advantage of all of these capabilities, as it will be invaluable for your team.
One of the biggest mistakes that we see at BoomTown is when teams go through the initial training and onboarding and then they’re done. CRMs are very robust. They have a lot of capabilities and it can take a healthy chunk of time to conquer the learning curve and feel confident on the system. Schedule time within the year to make sure your team is up to speed with the newest features.

Training can be fun! Some of our most successful clients have BoomTown training nights periodically throughout the year. They get the team together and turn training into a game with food and prizes. This is a great way to keep the team up-to-speed on the system.

Be Diligent About Tracking & Measuring ROI

It’s not unusual for people to get a CRM just because they think it’s what they “should do.” Then, they take advantage of about 20% of the functionality, and use it as a virtual Rolodex. You don’t need an expensive contact list. There are iPhones and Excel spreadsheets for that. A CRM is meant to elevate your business in ways that simpler systems cannot. So be diligent about measuring your ROI so that you know you’re getting the most out of your CRM.


First, define how you measure success. It could be number of transactions, number of leads generated, number of hours saved by automating busy work. It could be a combination of all of the above! A good CRM will have tracking tools that will give you clear insights into all of these aspects.


We are big believers in “time is money,” especially in real estate. As an agent, you are always one conversation away from landing a new client. So having a few hours of down time for prospecting each week can result in $$$ over time. If your CRM has automated marketing capabilities, you can send emails to leads without even lifting a finger. BoomTown’s Smart Drip campaigns can save agents up to 36 hours a month.

Remember! You know how we mentioned before that a tool is only as good as the person using it? When considering your ROI, really think about the investment of time and energy that you’ve put into the CRM as well. Are you taking advantage of the full functionality? Additionally, give it a little time. In real estate success can be a slow rise while you build your lead database and farm your area.

Stay Organized

Ah, yes. Age old advice you’ve been hearing since grade school. And it still rings true.



With a real estate CRM, the most important thing to keep organized is your database of leads. We recommend segmenting and categorizing your leads into workable lists. Not only will this help keep your database manageable, but it will save you time while you’re prospecting. Set up a schedule to stay on top of organizing your database! This could be quarterly, or even once a month. Scan through and make sure that all of your leads are tagged appropriately, and that no opportunities have fallen through the cracks.

Is your CRM a mess? Time for a little spring cleaning.

Connect Everything to Your CRM

To get the most ROI out of your CRM, use it like your “home base,” or central hub for your business. Ask a representative from your CRM provider about their integrations. The more of your technology systems that are synced with your CRM, the more seamless your day-to-day operations will be.


BoomTown integrates with some of your favorite platforms, so you can use all of your best tools and keep everything organized. Take a peak at some of our integration partners to get a sense of how “syncing systems” can boost your productivity and profitability:

  • Agent Legend: Lead Conversion
  • BombBomb: Video Marketing
  • Brokermint: Transaction Management
  • CallAction: Lead Conversion
  • dotloop: Transaction Management
  • Google Calendar: Task Management
  • Mojo: Phone Dialer
  • RPR – Realtors Property Resource: Market Data
  • Spacio: Open House Management
  • Zapier: Integration Automation

Use Your CRM’s Accountability Tools to Improve Performance

When you commit to a real estate CRM, you are investing money with the expectation of getting more back in return. If agents don’t properly reach out to their leads (or follow up with them on time), that’s money out the window. Don’t let high quality leads that you are paying for fall through the cracks.


Depending on your CRM, you should have tools to help measure agent performance. Whether you are an agent on a team, or a broker in charge of a team, holding agents accountable for staying on top of their leads benefits everyone involved. The BoomTown CRM makes it super simple to see each agent’s report, as well as the team as a whole. Use these accountability tools to motivate agents to do their absolute best, and to give them a heads up when they’re falling behind.

BoomTown Real Estate CRM Lead Health Check

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Use the Media as Leverage to Tell Your Story

The pool of qualified real estate agents is growing by the minute. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 469,000 brokers and agents by 2026 – a 6 percent increase from 2016. This means buyers and sellers will continue to have dizzying amount of options when it comes to who they would like to do business with. If you’re hoping to stand out from the crowd, you will have to pull out all the stops when it comes to marketing. Media coverage can give you a big boost!

Creating Standout Content in a Noisy Market

There is a lot (really, A LOT) of content out there. It’s easy to feel like there’s no point in trying to be heard or seen. But, trust us, sharing content and speaking to your clients can be super valuable for your brand. You may already be sharing on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.), and a blog on your website, and that’s great! But what sort of content should you be sharing?


Your Opinion Matters!

Be yourself and share your honest opinion. This guarantees that your content will be original, and it will set you apart from other agents and other industry news channels. Don’t try to tackle top-level shifts in the market or nationwide trends! There are huge companies that already do this, and this isn’t your expertise. Focus on your market and what you know best. If you are working on a specific neighborhood as your farm area, that means you are the expert!

Stick to the (Boring) Basics

It may feel boring writing a post entitled, “What rising interest rates in West Hanover mean for local home values.” But these are the things that homebuyers are looking for! Every once in a while it can be fun to throw in a cheeky holiday-themed article, or share some personal content, but at the end of the day all that matters is that you are a trusted and reliable source with useful information about a specific neighborhood.

Boost Engagement with Video

As we already mentioned, this isn’t the “sexiest” of content. Get a little engagement boost by switching up how you package your content. We highly recommend using video, especially if you are trying to engage prospects on social media. If you’re using BoomTown’s CRM, it’s even easier to quickly post a video or share a video through email, because the CRM is integrated with BombBomb, a tool for simple visual marketing.


Don’t Know What to Do With Down Time?

The BoomTown Library is Full of Quick Videos for Real Estate Tips & Tricks.

Start browsing. 

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It’s All About Time – Connect Your Someday to Today | Jay Papasan

“When you think about your dreams and your hopes, what do you think about?”

In his TEDx talk, Jay Papasan; executive editor and vice president of KW Publishing, as well as bestselling co-author of The ONE Thing and The Millionaire Real Estate Agent; shares insights on how to gain clarity around your true priorities through your daily choices and your ONE Thing.

The Best Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents On The Go

Calling all road warriors: we are channeling our inner Shannon King, and we’ve got some mission-critical apps for taking care of business when you’re out and about. Whether you’re in the car, waiting for a client or anywhere in between, these apps will keep you productive, efficient, and on top of it all.

Swap Your Crazy Inbox for Streamlined Field Notes

Situation: Sifting through that massive inbox and trying to find files, or action items is something that’s better left for the office. So when you’re not in the office important tasks can get sidelined.

Solution: When you’re combating inbox overload, it’s time for the Cloze app. After you set it up, it integrated with you email accounts (and your calendar, social media accounts, and Evernote) and starts creating handy dashboards. These dashboards include a daily agenda that aggregates your email inbox, contacts, calendars and to-do lists. It’ll even surface emails if they have mentions of specific follow-up activity you need to act on for a specific day. Not to mention it makes it a breeze to track related documents and files, and provides you with a clickable history of contact communication.

Maximizing Voicemail, Minimizing Effort

Situation: Have you ever needed to get in touch with a client, only have 3 minutes before your next appointment, and wished you could just leave them a message?

Solution: Well this is where Slydial comes into play. Simply dial 267-slydial, then after the prompt, dial your client’s phone number, and you’ll be directly sent to their voicemail. One, and, done! Now, you are able to make it to your appointment and your client receives the information they need in a timely manner.

Situation: And what about those tempting voicemails you would love to listen to, but the client you’re with might find it rude if you step away?

Solution: YouMail. A free app which offers a number of voicemail solutions. One of which transcribes your voicemails and texts them to your phone. You can then take a quick glance without taking significant attention away from the task at hand.


Have you given smart prospecting a second thought? Take a closer look.


Safe Travels: Driving and Responding to New Leads

Situation: It can be tempting to try and work while driving, but it’s critical to keep your safety in mind.

Solution: is an app that will read your text messages and emails aloud as you drive. Just activate the app as you enter your car then toggle the app off as you exit.

Situation:  Feel a little unsure about a property or a new client? You can never be too cautious when meeting new people or traveling somewhere alone.

Solution: MyForce  can act as your mobile bodyguard. If you ever feel uneasy about a location or situation you only need to arm the app to place it in ready mode. If you feel threatened, with a click of a button, you can alert MyForce of your location. They’ll instantly listen to the audio from your mobile device should you be in a situation where you can not speak with the operator. Because you’re pre-registered, emergency personnel are aware of your description, emergency contacts, and known medical issues.

Track and Manage Expenses with Ease

Situation: You try to remember to grab receipts and save them to sort through once you return to your desk (whenever that may be!), but you usually leave yourself with a confusing mess.

Solutions: Track your mileage with Milog, a mobile app that keeps a record of your mileage for reimbursement or tax purposes.  They make it super-simple to log your miles and sort out trips so there’s no more estimating and calculating (and losing money!).

As for those pesky receipts, use your phone to scan receipts and the Expensify app will code and report the expense for you. It also keeps tabs on your spending, making it easy to itemize deductions when tax time rolls around. One click tells the app to track business miles through the GPS technology or odometer readings, which automatically records them for any kind of deductions or reimbursements.


Don’t Know What to Do With Down Time?

The BoomTown Library is Full of Quick Videos for Real Estate Tips & Tricks.

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Go the Extra Mile to Turn Leads Into Listings

Situation: Trying to convince a prospective client that you’d make a great listing Agent?

Solution: Why not offer a free floor plan sketch? With Magic Plan, a free mobile app, anyone can create a floor plan drawing within minutes! Magic Plan measures a floor plan from the pictures you take then converts them into a PDF, HPG and DXF drawing.

Situation: Once you’re the listing agent, you know how important great photos, and even more so a high-end presentation can be. But how do you achieve this on the go?

Solution: Use Animoto to create photo stream videos set to music that can be used on listing pages and social sites. Have some time on your hands while the inspector is around? Your clients will love the video of their new house that Animoto helps you create. Make sure you use a picture of your Agency sign so their friends will know who sold them the home when they share the video.

Mobilize your Entire Business for On-the-Go Success

Situation: task-oriented apps are super helpful, but what about making it easy to run your day from your phone?

Solution: A CRM app that can handle it all. BoomTown’s native CRM app was designed by agents for agents with all the tools and features you need to handle it all-from anywhere.

  • Keep your conversations going smoothly without dropping the ball
    • Critical First Hour categories help you know who needs your immediate attention. After the first hour, conversations are moved to the Waiting On You section. Easily look up communication history for all active conversations.
  • Push notifications alert you the instant a lead takes an action, so you’ll always know who to contact, when to reach out, and why.
  • Take immediate action with a tap of the finger. Call new leads right away or respond to existing leads the same way they reached out to you, whether by email, phone, or text.(mass texting too!)
  • Stay on top of your tasks so nothing falls through the cracks
    • Easily check off your to-do’s scheduled to be done today- click a name to go to the lead record and complete the task.
    • Need More Time? Hit snooze to postpone tasks for an hour, a day, or a week.
    • Past Due tasks provide a chance to catch up on unfinished tasks from the past seven days, and upcoming tasks provide a preview of what’s coming up for the next 7 days.
  • Easily manage everything. All actions, conversations, and response times are tracked and logged back in the main CRM to provide an accurate picture of accountability.

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Cryptocurrency – The Good, the Bad, the Verdict

In 2017, the first entire real estate transaction via bitcoin was completed in Texas. The broker, satisfied with the process, said, “In all of my 33 years of closing transactions, I honestly couldn’t have expected something so unique to go so smoothly. In a matter of 10 minutes, the bitcoin was changed to U.S. dollars and the deal was done!”

Cryptocurrency is moving into the mainstream as a payment and exchange option. But what exactly is it?

10 Ways to Take Territory in the Fourth Quarter

Being a top real estate agent means being purposeful and strategic about your activities. And, the right activities at the right time will yield the right results. So how do you know what activities to do and, more importantly, when?

Mega agents and real estate leaders agree that the fourth quarter represents the best opportunity to take territory and create unprecedented opportunities for your business. It’s when traditional real estate slows down, and when you can speed up. This allows you to create momentum and seize market share.

Keep Prospects Engaged (Even While You’re on Vacation) with Smart Drip

It’s officially summertime! Let the trips to the beach, cookouts, and “cutting out early” on Fridays begin. You work hard, and you absolutely deserve a little time off to enjoy with friends and family. But we all know business never sleeps, right? What if you could drum up some prospects while sipping a cocktail poolside – without even lifting a finger?

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Meet your new best friend, Smart Prospecting.
The beauty of drip marketing campaigns is the automation. Set it and forget it. You are engaging leads, with timely and relevant content, and you don’t have to do the actual grunt work until they’re ready to talk! Drip campaigns are one of the most popular features in many online marketing platforms. They allow you to create, schedule, and track email marketing campaigns initiated from an event trigger (like filling out an online form).


BoomTown’s Smart Drip, is a step above the rest, with more personalization and optimized timing – boosting open and response rates, and streamlining your process. Event triggers are settings that will prompt the system to automatically pause the plan when certain actions take place. With event triggers you can choose to have the plan pause when a lead replies to an email or sends an email. This means no more embarrassing out-of-context emails, once they’ve reached out. You can also choose to pause the plan when a call is logged in the system, or when a lead changes categories. Essentially, this is the “smart” in Smart Drip. The campaigns are designed to sound and feel like organic person-to-person email communication. So your prospects won’t even know it’s a bulk email.

Boost Your Response Rates with Texting

We are firm believers in the power of texting. So we added texting capabilities into our Smart Drip campaigns! This is still entirely automated. So, you personalize your campaigns in the BoomTown CRM, and your texts and emails will be sent through the system. Again, you just hop back in when they respond and are ready to talk! Texting is so effective, in fact, that when our clients added texting into their drip campaigns, they saw a 450% increase in responses!

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Keller Williams Leads the Way on REAL Trends “The Thousand”

Leading the Way

Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count and the U.S. leader in units and sales volume, again has more agent teams ranked by closed transactions and sales volume than any other franchise in the 2018 REAL Trends’ “The Thousand,” an annual list of North America’s most successful real estate professionals.